Austin Pooley

November 2020 Brewer Profile

How long have you been brewing?

I started in July of 2016, using the Northern Brewer Grapefruit IPA starter kit on my stove. It did not produce very good results, but I was hooked.


What type of system do you use? 

I use a very basic, manual no sparge method of brewing. Heat up the water in my pot, pour it into the mash tun, filter it back into the pot, boil, chill, transfer to the fermenter. I have added in better equipment as time has progressed, but it's still the same basic process as ever. One day I'll upgrade to a three tier system.

What are your goals as a homebrewer?

Make better beer! I'd like to win an award or two, but don't see myself competing too much. I just like to make beer for myself and friends to drink, and it gives me a creative outlet that is relatively cheap and not incredibly time consuming. 


What is your "go-to" beer to drink?

If I only had one beer to drink for the rest of my life, it would be the Live Oak Hefeweizen. 


What is your favorite brewery?

Brash Brewing. I will drink a stout any day of the week, any time of year, and the HSF is in my mount rushmore of beers, along with the Hefe, Yellow Rose, and New Republic Warimono  


What is your favorite style to brew? 

I've had the most success with saisons, and I've begun experimenting with different recipes there.


What areas do you want to grow or learn this year?

I'd really like to expand my Belgian portfolio, and I finally added a fermentation chamber to my garage, so I'm definitely going to try to lager this year. Also really need to dive into water chemistry to take my beers up a notch.