brewer profile
February - 2020
Scott Schawalder

Q: How long have you been brewing?

A: I have been brewing for 9 years.  The last 5 or so have been all-grain.  
Q: What type of system do you use? 

A:Old school, two coolers and a boil kettle.  Still use glass carboys and a keezer to control temps.

Q: What are your goals as a homebrewer?

A:  I'd say that my goals are to just learn how to make consistently good beers.  I work in the chemical industry and we continually focus on consistency batch to batch so maybe I bring a little work home with me.
Q: What is your "go-to" beer to drink?

A:  I'd say any Pilsner is my go-to drink.  Even if I jump off the craft beer wagon I still go to a nice ice cold Miller Lite.
Q: What is your favorite brewery?

A:   I have two (I know that's not a favorite) only for different reasons.  Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh was built out of an old brewery from the late 1800's.  Just so much history and wonderful German beers.  My second is Sierra Nevada outside of Asheville, NC.  The technology of the brewery, awesome tour and the sustainability efforts were really cool.
Q: What is your favorite style to brew? 

A:   I started with all things wheat but recently have really put efforts into lagers.  Mostly Pilsner and Dunkels.
Q: What areas do you want to grow or learn this year?

A:   Continue learning about water chemistry and its affect on flavor.  Also want to focus in on a few styles and really master them.