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MaY -2018
Mike Scarcella

Q: How long have you been brewing?

A:  I’ve been brewing beer and wine on and off for well over 30 years.  Someone gave me a Mr. Beer kit and that’s all it took! I still use the primary fermenter that came with it to this day!  I started getting my supplies from a little house in Rice Village called DeFalco’s.  They were great and had some good extract recipes and wine supplies.  With the help of a couple of my friends Andy MacAllister and John Maca I have been brewing full grain recipes for the past 5 years or so. The last batch I did on my own, I actually did a full grain “brew in a bag”.  I can say the bag of grain was pretty heavy to lift after the mash!  Think I will invest in a mash tun next!
Q: What type of system do you use? 

A:  I use a Brewers Best 7 gallon brew kettle and the Mr. Beer primary fermenter with regular 5 gallon glass carboys for the secondary.  Not real fancy but it works and is much better than my original stove top 3 gallon kettle I used for years for the malt extract recipes.  We also have a 5 gallon whiskey barrel and have successfully aged several stouts with it.

Q: What are your goals as a homebrewer?

A:  To make good beer consistently. 
Q: What is your "go-to" beer to drink?

A:  I usually have several brown ales around as every day beers but really prefer a good stout or porter.  They pair much better with my cigars!
Q: What is your favorite brewery?

A:   Started out with St Arnolds when they were in a tiny warehouse and were the only place around.  My favorite now is No Label for sure.  They have some very good regular year round beers and good entertainment too.
Q: What is your favorite style to brew? 

A:   I like to make Imperial Stouts.  My favorite one to make is Stone Brewing’s W00tStout recipe, it is awesome and very strong!
Q: What areas do you want to grow or learn this year?

A:  Think I might gear up to keg some of my beer instead of bottling all of it.  Looks like it should be easy enough to do.

Agents Helping with Mike's all Grain Setup

Mike's Kettle - Full Wort Boil

Mr Beer Fermenter in Action


CIAler for Life!