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January -2018
Will Shilling
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  Q: How long have you been brewing?
A:  I started homebrewing a little over two years ago after randomly walking into a local homebrew store while waiting to meet my brother for lunch.  I went out for pizza and came back with a homebrew starter kit.  I just brewed my 35th batch yesterday.
Q: What type of system do you use? 
A:  I recently converted to all electric from propane.  For 10 gallon batches and high gravity 5 gallon batches, I brew on a two vessel E-RIMS system.  For 5 gallon normal gravity batches, I now use E-BIAB.  I have several different kinds of fermentation vessels, but have mainly been using Ss Brewtech Brew Buckets in a temp controlled chest freezer for the past year.  Santa just brought me a new Brewers Hardware 15 gallon jacketed conical and I’ve got my first batch (Munich Dunkel) going through it as of yesterday.
Q: What are your goals as a homebrewer?
A:  To always have at least one or two well executed, fresh beers on tap to enjoy and share with family and friends!  I would also like to become a more active member of the local homebrew community including in the CIA.  Ultimate goal would be winning a medal or two at NHC!
Q: What is your "go-to" beer to drink?
A:  Really depends on the season and my mood, but typically something “sessionable” and not too hoppy.  I do like pale ales and IPAs, but typically favor the maltier beers.  If I see a Kölsch on tap, I’ll usually order one.
Q: What is your favorite brewery?
A:   Tough question, but I like a lot of Firestone Walker’s beers.  They can pretty much do it all from really good “gas station” beers to their limited release, oak aged, and blended beers.  I still really enjoy a lot of our great local beers like those coming out of Saint Arnold and it’s always fun to go up to No Label with the family for an afternoon.
Q: What is your favorite style to brew? 
A:   A couple of buddies and I have started brewing a Russian Imperial Stout once a year that we oak age and add bourbon to when kegging. It’s intended to be similar to Deschutes Abyss and is a lot of fun to brew since it has become somewhat of a tradition and it has lots of unique ingredients and aging steps.
Q: What areas do you want to grow or learn this year?
A:  After several big changes in my brewery and fermentation systems late last year, I would like to get my system and process dialed back in so I can get back to consistently making great beers without surprises along the way.  I’m planning on focusing on German lagers over the next few months to try and get those dialed in.
Will Shilling's impressive home brewery setup!